• “ Trema fest is the festival invites authorial youth projects. It is a ten-day review of europian   multiculture and exchange of positive energy, civil activities and initiative.

• This festival animates the local community, partnerships and friendly associations, companies, cultural   centres, alternative ways of expression and authorial projects;

• Ways of influencing the participants in the festival are realizwed by means of connecting the projects,   exchange, coproducing, seminars, education and civil animation. Afterwards, the “products” are directed   towards active, but also towards passive citizens who are animated in alternative open and closed spaces.

• From the moment when the festival was faunden (in 1998.) we have hosted over 100 theatrical companies, and   our attendance rate, including all seven festivals, comes up to approximately 20.000 spectators.

• There are about 200 participants in the festival every year, with already traditional guests: LUDUS;   Association of dramatic artists of Vojvodina; and of Serbia; Cenpi; Anet; Cedeum; the Theatrical art of   Vojvodina and the Museum of Theatrical art of Serbia; Amateurs' association of Serbia, Amateurs'   association of Vojvodina; Geotakt art network; WIRED network; Center of the development of Non-profit   sektor in Serbia; and Vojvodina; actors, directors and media.

• Through accompanying programmes we try to intoduce local as well guest artists from the world of design,   set design, costume design, music and video expression.

• We try to organize: Trema fest as a specific presentation of the most important initiatives created during   the previous year in our suroundings, as well as in neighbouring countries with similar civilian   experience in the previous period.

• We have established collaboration and contact with friends from Pula, Zagreb, (Croatia), Maribor,   Ljubljana, (Slovenia), Mostar, Tuzla, Sarajevo(BiH), ?er (Hungary), Sofia (Bulgaria), Vroclav (Poland),   Presevo,Bujanovac (Kosovo), Kumane, Skopje (Macedonia)...

• We have initiated “Little Trema” as well, as a kind of an accompanying programme dealing with activites   involving children and youth (morning performances and interactive workshops for children and youth (   Most, Cedeum, Interart, Impro...)

• We expect to organize four seminars and theatrical educational programmes for four children's and youth   groups. Topics: Dealing with conflicts, tolerance, achieving dialogue by means of game, Impro and   interactive animation of peers,

• We also plan conversations, debates and presentations of successful organisations and projects influencing   the establishing of youth activities in culture.

• Theatre as a means of education. This includes thematic stands and photo recording of the activities of   the Youth association Ruma (9 partnership organizations) from the capaigns that werw done during the   previous year within the projects named” Ageinst addiction deseases”

• We also plan: A fifteen-member volunteer art camp consisting of representatives from guest cities. In this   way it will be achieved a concrete approaches and dialogues, and direct communication.


• Development of new theatrical forms; stress on invouing young people and development of creative and   social potentials, development of emotional and social skills and tehniques of communication, as a   specific kind of help in the process of growing up and maturing in the conditions of a modern way of  living.

• Becoming familiar with the culture of other nations and ethnic communities.

• Animation of citizens, connecting and collaboratin between individuals and organizations;

• Respecting differences, “New” cultural exchange and collaboration;

• Regional connecting and establishment of authorial projects.

• Production and coproduction of authorial projects.


TREMA FEST tries to establish authorial initiatives that serve to strengthen institutions and activities of civilian community, regional collaboration and respecting the differences.

1. Authorial theatrical projects (local, regional and international), (Guest performances of the most       interesting high quality authorial projects)

2. Presentation of the work of successful civil initiatives (Speaker's platforms, exhibitions, video    projections, promo-materials, animation)

3. Authorial theatrical projects for children (”Little TREMA”) (Thematic stories, education and animation)

4. Pedagogy and work processes, seminars, educational theatre (Video, cinema programme – dramatic works on    film) – Thematic stories and conversations before or after projections;

5. Animation of citizens, education of interested participants, socializing and becoming familiar with    different creative forms and new tendencies, spreading positive energy, establishment of successful    initiatives, respecting differences, regional connecting, new ways of communication (new technologies)    and creating joint actions and projects.

6. Accompanying programmes of related artistic forms and promotion of authors from Ruma (exhibitions,    promotions, literary evening, performances, reviews, animation at different city locations, socializing    and throwing parties for all participants).

7. Appearances in media (local, provincial and republic media)

8. WEB presentation: www.

9. Printed bulletin of the festival ”TREMAROS ” (which means: person prone to stage-fright) ( daily issues,    reaction, interaction, estimate of successfulness)

10. Rewarding the most successful individuals and projects ( “TREMOVACA”, and “ Masque – award – ANIMA RUMA”     – authorial awards)

11. Making arrangements for guest performances in other cities and town (arrangements with cultural     institutions in neighbouring cities).

12. Estimate of successfulness: qualitative and quantitative evaluation.

Outcomes and results – estimate of successfulness – Evaluation:

During ten days it will be held:

- 13 plays (authorial theatrical projects)
- 4 children's and youth plays
- 4 speaker's platforms and seminars
- 4 presentations and displays
- 4 video projections

1. The programme is directed towards all and target groups. Collaboration between the local economy and potential spectators (in this case the population that considers itself young i.e. youth) is realized through providing full sets of tickets for the best pupils in elementary and high schools in our municipality. We will interest various local organisations and companies to buy tickets for the best pupils and to participate in this way in animation and cultural development of our town. By means of media plan and collaboration with local media we try to make interested even those people who have not been the visitors of “TREMA FEST” so far. The support that we receive from the Municipality of RUMA, the Centre of culture, Youth association, our partners NGO, local economy and media, the seventh year in a row, justifies the development of cultural initiatives which “Trema fest” encourages and stimulates locally as well as regionally. By means of continuous improving and education the festival develops and strengthens its potentials, and directly influences more ualitative cultural offer. By choosing project from Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Hungary, Austria, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Serbia and Montenegro, Trema fest will this year confirm that it is able to cope with the aims which it sets to itself year after year. These aims can be comprised in a few words: Animation of people, objects and spaces by means of theatrical expression ... The City theatre Ruma is a promother of multicultural activities, regional connecting and tolerance between nations. For the realization of “Trema fest”, the City theatre Ruma has the support of the Municipality of Ruma, Provincial secretariat for education and culture, the Ministry of culture and Media of the Republic of Serbia, as well as support of numerous sponsors, donors and friends of the festival.

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